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Why I should take Welding Course ?

Welding is used largely in the manufacturing sector but the skill has practical applications in many other industries including ship building, car making, engineering, construction and many more. Welding is a skill that requires experts to perform for durability and safety reasons and cannot be performed by untrained people.

Benefits of taking course with us

Training programs focus on the individual making sure you are always assisted throughout your time in the training course. Experienced tutors and advisors are available by telephone or email to deal with any questions or queries you may have.

I gained an industry-recognized qualification and I was offered a job straight away. Thank you Trades Courses.

The course was a good balance of practical work and course work with great tutors.

Thank you for helping me to find a job after finishing my plumbing course. I got 2 job offers straight away.

Since qualifying from Trades Courses I am now working for one of the largest house builders in the UK.

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Contents covered in Welding Course

These listed below are the areas we will be covering in the Welding Course:

  • EAL Level 1 Award in Introductory Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding Skills
  • Craftsman Welder International European Plate or Fillet Welder (coded qualification) to be taken when level of competency is achieved
  • EAL Level 1 Award in Introductory Oxy-Acetylene(OA) Welding Skills
  • EAL Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Fabrication and Welding Engineering Technology
  • EAL Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Positional Welding Technology

Jobs, Salaries & Opportunities


Below are some examples of welding jobs that are available (at time of publishing) to help you understand what you might expect once you have completed your course and are looking for a new job as a welder.

  • Coded / Welder in Middleborough (£14 - £18 per hour)
  • Robot Welder in Burnley (£18,000 - £23,500 Annually)
  • Welder / Plater in Aberdeen (£Negotiable)

  • Salaries

    The average welder's salary is £24,449 ( although it is possible to earn significantly more than this through a variety of methods.


    Opportunities for welders are considerable due to them being an integral part of many different industries. Some industries that consistently require welders are shipbuilding, manufacturing, engineering, car making, construction and many more.