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NVQ Level 2 Fast Track

NVQ Level 2 is a requirement for all plumbers and gas engineers who wish to work on-site. It is known to be very difficult to gain this necessary qualification as well as time consuming to fit in the required work.

Whether you are an experience plumber or gas engineer who has a good working knowledge and wishes to progress their career or a new student wanting to combine a NVQ Level 2 qualification to their training – we have a NVQ Level 2 qualification to suit you.

Our fast track NVQ has been designed and refined to suit our student’s needs. The main requirements we have found from our students is they wish to gain their NVQ in the quickest time possible with the least amount of hassle.

Within a relative short period you will have complied a portfolio of on-site work that would include factual accounts of your practical work with the necessary witness statements and photos that have been signed off by our independent assessors.

I gained an industry-recognized qualification and I was offered a job straight away. Thank you Trades Courses.

The course was a good balance of practical work and course work with great tutors.

Thank you for helping me to find a job after finishing my plumbing course. I got 2 job offers straight away.

Since qualifying from Trades Courses I am now working for one of the largest house builders in the UK.

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Course structure

  1. Interview – we will need to find out your current experience level and decide on a suitable course for you.
  2. Induction – we explain how we shall compile your portfolio of work with a certain time frame.
  3. Progress Meetings – within the time frame of working on your portfolio of work you will meet your assessor who will assess the evidence.
  4. Submission – Once your portfolio is complete you will submit it for final assessment.
  5. Award of your NVQ Level 2 qualification.