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Why I should take Gas Course ?

Gas engineers with usually both gas and plumbing skills are always in demand.

The average salary for a gas engineer is over thirty-three thousand pounds per year!

Benefits of taking course with us

Our training providers have trained many gas engineers who are now working and as a result are happier because they have a more steady job that is more stable and provides a higher salary - this could be you also!

The course is a mixture of blended learning and hands on training at a fully equipped workshop. The combinations of these methods allow you to understand the theory and the practice of everything you need to know.

I gained an industry-recognized qualification and I was offered a job straight away. Thank you Trades Courses.

The course was a good balance of practical work and course work with great tutors.

Thank you for helping me to find a job after finishing my plumbing course. I got 2 job offers straight away.

Since qualifying from Trades Courses I am now working for one of the largest house builders in the UK.

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Contents covered in Gas Course

These listed below are the areas we will be covering in the Gas Course:

  • BPEC Energy Efficiency (Part L)
  • Part P Defined Scope Electrical Qualification
  • ACS – Core Gas Safety
  • ACS – Central Heating Boilers and Water Heaters
  • ACS – Water Heaters
  • ACS – Cookers and Hobs
  • ACS – Space Heaters – Fires
  • ACS – Flue Gas Analysers

Jobs, Salaries & Opportunities


Below are examples of real life jobs being offered:

  • Domestic Gas Engineer (£30,000 to £35,000 - East Riding)
  • Gas Engineer (£28,000 - Scotland)
  • Domestic Gas Engineer (£28,000 - London)

  • Salaries

    Salaries range from £20,000 to £70,000 and up and can vary by the region of the UK that you work in such as Londoners usually receive a higher salary whilst people working in Wales often receive the lowest average salary.


    There are lots of opportunities, from local employers to large nationwide firms such as British Gas and Homeserve. There is the opportunity to progress in these types of companies to supervisory and managerial type roles.